Leasing a Commercial Space in Anchorage

Tenant Representation

If you or your organization are looking for commercial space in Anchorage, whether it's office space, warehouse/shop space, retail, or something else, teaming up with a local commercial real estate professional will make the world of a difference.

Tenant representatives represent their clients when leasing commercial space and protect their clients from unethical business practices, provide expertise and information to protect you financially, and most importantly assist in navigating the lease process from helping find the space, submitting the letter of intent, and negotiating the lease terms on their client's behalf to secure the best possible deal. 

Who pays the tenant representatives fee? A common question for client's looking for commercial space, but are hesitant to hire a tenant representative, is who pays for their service. Fortunately for the tenant, a tenant representative's fee is paid for by the landlord of the property and is only owed when a lease is successfully executed. This means a business or organization that is looking for space to lease in Anchorage can deploy their tenant representative to track down the perfect space for their organization and not worry about paying a fee for that representative's service. Instead, a quality tenant representative will work hard to find the perfect space and secure the best possible deal for their client, potentially saving them from thousands of dollars in errors.

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