Hear What Others Have to Say About Working with Manny Rodriguez

"We have worked with Manny leasing a number of our commercial spaces - both industrial warehouse and retail in the Anchorage market. Manny has been great to work with and has successfully navigated us through tricky leases with corporate users. He is professional, understands the market and market circumstances, and works hard to get the best deal terms for his clients."

- Joseph S.

"The experience with Manny was fantastic even though he was on the opposite side of the party he definitely exceeded my expectations. I would recommend him to anyone if you see this review don't hesitate to contact Manny."

- Quinton S.

"Manuel is knowledgeable, precise, and responsive. Highly recommend for all of your commercial needs."

- Allessy L.

"I've worked with Manny for more than a year as a vendor for his real estate brokerage. He's been professional and down to earth. His character seems level and sure. When we need someone to guide us through a commercial real estate transaction, Manny will definitely be on our list to call."

- Tyler W.

"I’ve known Manny for a long time and he’s always super professional and responsive. I’d highly recommend him for any commercial real estate needs!"

- Boston H.

"I could not recommend Manny strongly enough as a commercial real estate agent. He is very motivated for the industry and continually seeks new and better ways to help the people he works with. The important thing about Manny is that he takes tremendous pride in delivering the highest level of professional excellence when representing his clients. Anyone who works with Manny can know they are in the hands of someone who will work tirelessly to ensure they are well taken care of."

- Graysen S.

"Manny helped me out with all the questions regarding commercial real estate. He is the best agent in Alaska. I highly recommend him!"

- Savana M.

"Manny helped our team compare commercial investments in the Anchorage area. His expertise in commercial property management, leasing, and sales gave us all the information we needed to make a sound investment decision. Highly recommend. Ambitious, organized, timely, and responsive. Always picks up the phone and never hesitated to drop what he was doing to give us his undivided attention."

- Daniel N.

"Responsive and on top of it! Always eager to help us with our questions and always professional. Best commercial agent in Anchorage!"

- Kyle C.

"We really enjoyed working with Manny and found his expertise in commercial real estate very helpful. The most responsive and knowledgeable agent I’ve worked with in Anchorage and plan on using him for all of our real estate needs."

- Jacob R.

"Manny helped my company and I locate and secure our new retail space for our business. Great agent and very knowledgeable about commercial real estate here in Anchorage. Highly recommend."

- Alberto V.

"Manny was responsive and highly knowledgable about commercial real estate. Definitely one of Anchorage's finest! Highly recommend."

- Curtis S.

"Manny is constantly willing to go above and beyond to make sure that you’re happy with his work. He’s incredibly professional, timely, and overall a pleasure to work with. If you’re looking for a trustworthy and knowledgeable individual about all things real estate, Manny is your guy!"

- Connor F.

"Manny is very responsive and gave me useful advice regarding residential AND commercial real estate. Manny is a talented and well-informed real estate agent that obviously takes great pride in his work. Highly recommend!"

- Magnus N.

"Manny is extremely responsive and detail-oriented and he did outstanding work for my wife and me. I wouldn't hesitate to use his services again nor would I hesitate to recommend him to anyone buying or selling commercial or residential real estate."

- Chris S.

"Manny helped us find a new space for our salon and was super helpful. A great agent and fun to work with! Thanks, Manny!"

- Laura Z.

"Manny helped our firm locate and secure our new office space in Downtown Anchorage. Not only is Manny one of the most knowledgeable commercial real estate agents I’ve dealt with, he provided insights and advice that will save us thousands of dollars a year in our rental expenses. Highly recommend this young man for all things commercial real estate. Really knows his stuff."

- Gavin H.

"Manny is a top-notch Real Estate Professional. His studies and on-the-job experience speak volumes to his clients. He takes great care of his clients and helps them achieve their goals."

- Jeremy T.

"Manny is very sharp and well-connected. We enjoyed working with him when we bought our first fourplex. He is knowledgeable on everything real estate related and walked us through our first investment without any issues. Always answers his phone and is always in good spirits. Definitely one of Alaska’s finest commercial real estate agents."

- Susan H.

"Manny is the best realtor I could have hoped for. Initially, I was hesitant because he is younger than most realtors, but I quickly found that to be one of his biggest strengths. Manny is extremely professional and highly competent. He uses his youth to his advantage by being extremely knowledgeable in not only the current real estate market but also property management. He is very unlike some of the traditionally older and complacent real estate agents that are not in tune with the current market and its nuances. I bought a multi-family home with Manny as my agent and he far exceeded my expectations. He is flexible with scheduling and hours and is not afraid to ask the same of the other agent. I am confident in saying that I trust him fully and would recommend him to anyone."

- Anthony B.

"Manny is well educated in CRE, having worked with him personally with helping negotiate a few commercial leases I would recommend him to anyone."

- Justin M.